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Personal shopping is not possible with my one-of-a-kind line. Just look at the variations in the photo of "Ceremonial Kimonos" in the early stages of their unique creation.

From one pendant to another, there can be endlessly unique surfaces. There are not enough hours in a day - or a month - to photograph each item, let alone upload. So no "etsy" or online retailing for me. The only orders I fill are shipped directly to my wonderful retail shops and galleries.

So if you are visiting this site because you want to make a personal purchase, please check my google map (see link above) and contact a shop directly. Many are able and ready to ship you a single item or even an entire collection.
Mckenna at her converted Singer Sewing Machine Treadle. Sanding and grinding is done by foot!
Each session in my studio results in huge variations in finished jewerly. I rely on natural patinas in the copper surfaces from the scraps of old gutters and roof flashing stacked around me. Wholesale buyers love that each shipment is always different from the last to the next.
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