Wholesale Inquiries
Since 1992, when this business was first conceived, I knew that I would want as many people as possible to become collectors of my line, and hopefully, my philosophy of voluntary simplicity. It is difficult to hunt and gather for one's raw materials, but it is the road I chose. It is difficult to scale this business beyond 50 or so accounts, but it is the road I chose. It is difficult to say no to new business and even harder to say no to individuals who want to order directly, but there are only so many hours in a day.

This is the road I have chosen, but it means that not all who inquire will get a key to my studio and a shipment to their doors. NO individual sales are ever possible. And only about 10% of the annual inquiries becomes an established account as over 40,000 (amazing, yes?!) peices of jewelry now roam the planet creating ooo's and aaah's and fresh inquires all the time. People who own my jewelry are constantly trying to sell my jewelry in their home town' shops or galleries.

RETAILERS - I look forward to learning what makes you tick and why you think we can have a long, strong, and successful parntership. Make me say YES! Contact me with this form or just give me a call. I would love to brainstorm a future with you.
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