Yes... radiator core is at the "core" of this "infamous" design. These got me two television appearances and into Neiman Marcus - despite my Mission Statement! 
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We make sure to always keep every piece in this line in stock. “Currents – low impact jewelry” is high-impact sales for us. I sell the Origami necklace off my neck almost every time I wear mine. I order 6 or more several times a year and each one is unique. There seems no limit to the market – men, kids and women of all ages have purchased her work from us. The more we have in stock, the more we sell. Multiple pieces per sale is the norm as everyone loves these as gifts.

We look forward to every shipment and are in awe of the many years and many dozens of orders of consistently beautiful work we have received. Plus, it is just plain fun to “talk story” about this Maui artist, her philosophy, and wild materials.

Prakash Flynn - owner at Elements Gallery in Hawi on the Big Island of Hawaii.
We have had this great line since 2003 and have enjoyed having this “planet-friendly” jewelry before it was even fashionable. Mckenna’s excellent service means she will respond quickly to meet your needs and we love her quick turn-around and turn-rates. Make sure to have plenty for the holidays - they are a strong gift item.

Paula and Paul Coben, Gallery Five, Tequesta, Florida.
I have been thrilled to have Mckenna’s work in my gallery and am proud to share it and her philosophy with our customers. Honestly I never tire of saying the same things over and over and see the great reaction of people. It’s just a feel-good line to present. Mckenna has that special gift of right brain AND left brain function and that means re-orders are like clockwork and we need that since we have very dependable turn-over every month. She is the only artist we carry who makes things run so smoothly. We are thankful for well over a decade of great sales and a great professional relationship.

Angela Headley, owner of Island Art Gallery in Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii
McKenna's jewelry is a consistent best seller at Kizuri! People love her unique flair and artistic creativity. Her commitment to the planet is highly commendable. Her customer service is tops! What more can I say?

Kim Harmson - owner of Kizuri in Spokane, WA
I've been selling Mckenna's jewelry line for almost 20 years and I'm very impressed that even though her work sells very quickly, Mckenna has no problem filling our orders promptly, even during our busiest seasons. I have no idea how she keeps up with our demands, but it really makes a difference when we have a full display of the entire line.

And it's so fun to talk story about her jewelry with customers. The work almost sells itself when people learn a little bit about how she makes it and the materials she uses. Especially the earrings made from radiators. THAT keeps them at the display and makes multiple item gift sales the norm. We keep a big back stock to meet demand.

Panna Speas - owner of Maui Hands with 4 locations on the Island of Maui, Hawaii.