My story card will invite everyone to visit StopRecycling.com
YES!  I want you to STOP recycling.  Click here to find out why.

This year will mark my 20th Anniversary. I have created over 40,000 peices which are now roaming the planet. I love to think that as you read this, there might be a conversation about conservation somewhere because someone is wearing my jewelry. It is important to me. And every piece of jewelry comes with my hand-made packages that include my story card that includes a link to my soap-box web site - Stoprecycling.com
Why don't you use any power?
I want to keep my impact as low as possible. RE-purposing (not recycling) is my chosen way to create artful items without burning any fossil fuels. It can inspire a teaching moment with my work everytime it is worn or seen.

How do you get the great patinas on the copper?
I do nothing! I am constantly looking for very old scrap roofing and gutters from my local construction crews and scrap metal yards. I need OLD stuff. When nature has her way, she is an amazing artist. I then use her "canvases" in the most gentle ways possilble to bring that art to collectors of my jewerly.  And they are clothing safe!  No rust occurs with copper or aluminum. I seal the surfaces of many of the designs with a water based sealant. Treat these with care, but no worries.

Did you find the earring wire?
No, do purchase a few things, like my extremely durable cording, a little brass wire for accents, and the earring wire which is from a medical supply company. The earring wire is surgical steel and hypo-allergenic.

Why are some cords so long?
A few designs can be worn like a shoulder bag - over the chest and onto the hip! GREAT fun! But all of the pendants are fully adjustable with a little slider so they can be worn from choker to at least the belly button. It's a great thing to be able to wear the pendants with any neckline even bulky turtle-necks or cowl-neck sweaters.